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GCSAWA Committee


Simon Bourne
Cottesloe Golf Club



Vice President

Jason Kelly
Royal fremantle Golf Club




Brad Anderson

Sun City Country Club




Darren Wilson

Wembley Golf Course



Golf Secretary & Secretary

Shane Baker

Mosman Park Golf Club


Divots Magazine

Darren Wilson

0411 310 511

Trade Representative

Geoff Kirk

Total Turf




Nick Kinley                           

Hartfield Country Club




Our History

It is widely believed that a green keeper who moved from Victoria to Royal Perth Golf Club in the 1930’s, Alan Barlow, started a golf course green keepers’ Association in the 1930’s but not to any similar body for golf course green keepers.

Pat Meagher recalls that the formation of a green keepers’ association after World War 2 was opposed by the green keepers’ employers the golf clubs. Apparently the clubs saw the formation of a body of green keepers as a thinly disguised attempt to form a labor union and a forum to push for improved wages and conditions. Neil Adams remembers attending meetings of a green keepers’ association held at the WACA in the 1970’s.

We have confirmation the Alan Barlow was at Royal Perth Golf Club in 1970 (apparently in the process of establishing an automated watering system for fairways and greens) because Dermott Reilly, agronomist for Amalgamated Chemicals (Australia) Pty Ltd of Sydney, visited him there. Alan Barlow was made a life member of the GCSAWA, an honor bestowed in recognition of service to the association. Neil Adams knows of only three other life members: himself Geoff Osborne and Pat Meagher could we be justified in thinking that the oldest known life member might have started the association?

We know from reports of the formation of the national association in 1972 that its executive was to be made up of the president and secretary of each state association. Therefore one could assume that Alan Barlow was president and that R Lloyd was secretary of a Western Australian Association in 1976.

Since then the GCSAWA has had a strong committee and representation in WA with a constitution being adopted and regular meetings held in WA.

Today the association has a strong membership and is represented on many committees throughout the state along with other turf associations and government departments.